Saturday, June 16, 2007


Part of the reason Mrs. Linklater embarked on her must read "GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE" is that she has had moments in her life that can only be described as COSMIC and therefore unexplainable except in relationship to other unexplainable things -- such as just how far is far anyway?

Two nights ago, Mrs. L dreamt that she was hanging out with an old friend of hers -- a guy she's known for thirty years, but hasn't seen in months and months. By way of explanation, she doesn't mean hanging out in the hook up hanging out way. Even though he is one of those people she wished she could have married, except for the fact that someone else got there first, which is why they've been friends instead of any number of other things for all this time.

No, this dream was strictly all on the up and up. Just happy to be there. I know, hard to believe in this day and age of Paris Hilton NUDE sex videos on the internet, but true. Painfully true.

It was also one of those dreams that leaves you wondering why you've dreamt about someone and what have they been doing with themselves lately anyway? 

Well, because of Mrs. Linklater's cosmic capabilities and subliminal communications skills, there was no need for her to wonder more than a few hours, because Mr. Guy in the Dream showed up knocking on Mrs. L's front door last night as if ordered to make an appearance.

But first he had a question. Why the heck is my dry cleaning hanging outside?


screaminremo303 said...

To give you guys an ice-breaker?

Most people just offer a glass of water. Mrs. L posts laundry on the front door.

You should have dreamed of the Publisher's Clearinghouse prize-people, Ninny.

salemslot9 said...

does he deliver pizzas?

psychfun said...

LOL!!!! That was great!

Tell him you have such a wild life full of sex that you have to have your close dry cleaned overnight so you can go out the next day again! HA! Make him so jealous! HA!

So what was the dream about then?