Saturday, July 7, 2007

Doggin' It

Today Mrs. Linklater asks a question which has been dripping all over the front of her blouse -- does any other country embrace the eating contest with as much enthusiasm as the United States of America? With the backsides to prove it? Pies and hot dogs seem to be the comestibles of choice. Usually on the Fourth of July.

Personally I don't think any country comes close.

France celebrates the storming of the Bastille on July 14th. Do you think we'll ever be watching guys in berets competing for the honor of sucking as many garlic coated snails out of their shells as they can in two minutes?

While I'm waiting for the French, I bet you've never seen the English take a hundred and twenty seconds out of their lives in an attempt to fill themselves up with so much food that a large bucket must be placed next to them in case they vomit.

Just how much has this odd sort of entertainment grown in its appeal to the average American?

Nathan's Hot dogs in New York held their annual contest again this year. Did the guy from Japan take home the honors again?

If you know that answer to that question, I rest my case.


thinkingoutloud said...

Actually an American won this year.

Sorry, but it was ALL over the news.  And the media was ALL over it.

Niki :)

screaminremo303 said...

I haven't seen that many weiners being sucked down since I saw a busload of hookers on hand to greet the Grammy nominees in '78. In all fairness, I think they were actually known as "Record Executive Interns."

jevanslink said...

Actually, THINKINGOUTLOUD, my question -- "Did the guy from Japan take home the honors again?" was rhetorical since I knew the answer. However, since you confess to knowing the answer, too, I rest my case again.  

Mrs. L

mombzbe said...

So gross!  Glad I missed it!  
Guess it was a good night to not watch the news, which as you know, delight in showing the little skinny Japanese (?) girl pounding down the dogs.  Ewww.

geocachelinda66 said...

I think those "contests" are disgusting!

salemslot9 said...

I like that hot dog program on PBS :)

psychfun said...

Just one more way to attract women huh...ok so an occasional woman does it...I'm sure that is even more attractive to men!