Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blood & Gore

At the butt crack of 3:00 AM yesterday, it seems that Al Gore, the younger, got pulled over by the LA cops for doing 100 mph in his Prius on one of the freeways. And then, oops, the cops smelled the odor of marijuana. Upon inspection of the vehicle, they not only discovered a dose of weed, but a pharmacopoeia of prescription medications that, unfortunately, didn't have any of their matching prescriptions.

Naturally this isn't little Al's first run in with the law. He's been arrested for speeding and drunk driving and other stuff like that before.

To cap off the embarrassing arrest, Big Al had to go on TV this morning in a preplanned appearance so he could mumble about global smarming, I mean, warming.

But I have to agree with the anchor on the FOX station here in Chicago whose only reaction to this whole mess was,

"You can go 100 miles an hour in a PRIUS?  WOW!!" 

The irony in all the tragedy is that little Al's drug induced driving arrest may have done more to get people interested in hybrid cars than the entire Toyota marketing budget for the last two years.


suzypwr said...

That was actually my first thought too - I was impressed!


screaminremo303 said...

Maybe the Bears will pick him up.

swibirun said...

I guess Junior is a member of the "green party", huh?

I thought the same thing....100 miles in a Prius?  It reminded me of Rodney King's arrest years ago when the cops claimed he was going over 100 in a hyundai.  I thought, don't arrest him....if he can get THAT out of a hyundai, give him a REAL car and put him in NASCAR!  


eilenbug said...

Last time Jr got pulled over it for going TOO Slow!
I didn't know those cars would go that fast either.....
You know he was taking the pills to "a friend"!

swibirun said...

The local news had a bit about their "door to door" VIP police program of checking in on "elderly individuals and shut-ins" tonight and all I could do was think of your "benevolent visits" from Barney Fife.

pattboy92 said...

"You can go 100 miles an hour in a PRIUS?  WOW!!"

HA!  That was my first reaction when I read the story, too!


mombzbe said...

"global smarming"  ---Haaaaaa!
You can do 100 mph in a Prius?  First time I ever heard of that!  lol