Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dead Wives Club

Shades of Scott Peterson. This is really creepy. Not only does suburban Chicago cop Drew Peterson share the same last name, but he also has another Scott Peterson attribute -- a missing wife. The creepiest part is that Drew and his wife named their year old daughter Lacy.

This latest wife, the one that vanished, is number four. His third wife died in a supposed accident, after she divorced him for cheating with the future fourth wife, the one now missing, who was pregnant.

Lisa Stebic's husband, also a fine upstanding Chicago lad, recently said he understands how Drew Peterson feels, because both of them have wives that managed to go missing without a trace. And everyone [i.e. the MEDIA] is not subtle about suggesting that the husbands might be responsible.

Lisa went missing six months ago. She and Stacy Peterson were each divorcing or planning to divorce their hubba bubbas. And told friends and family that their husbands had threatened them.

Yesterday Peterson was upgraded to "suspect." Stebic's hubba bubba is still just a person of interest. They're going to exhume Peterson's third wife for some tests that weren't done the first time around.

Number Three was found drowned in an empty bathtub with signs of a struggle. Because the fifty something Peterson is a cop the original "accidental" death finding may have been the law enforcement equivalent of professional courtesy. Now a new bunch of cops are saying that the crime scene photos suggest that wife number three died from a homicide that was made to look like an accident. Like the other ladies, she had told friends and family that he was going to kill her. So he may be sent to prison for his third wife's death before they get around to dealing with what he did to his fourth wife. And if you don't think he did anything to his fourth wife, you've never been married.

So basicaly it's looking like we have two husbands and three wives who wanted to divorce them. The good news for one is that she actually got her divorce. The bad news is that she was dead shortly thereafter. The other two women are only missing and presumed dead.

More proof that marriage is an institution. For the criminally insane.


lacaza3 said...

The good old boy system is bad here in TEXAS..son of a bitches get aways with murder and the good old boys look the other way
Donna In TEXAS

screaminremo303 said...

It's cheaper to keep her. It also cuts down on that "frizzy-hair" issue from working in the prison laundry. I just feed mine lots of red meat and booze.

psychfun said...

Ya I bet both did their wives in. Though I did mention that if Peterson's latest wife really suspect it would have been actually a good idea to appear missing and hide out until they then looked at wife 3. When he was in prison for that then reappear safely! I mean that is a really good idea! I really hope she would have thought of that. I actually know someone high in Peterson's police dept. I hope they catch who covered it up. I know he wouldn't have. I wonder what they will do for sentencing with him being a cop? Will they go for death?