Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Long Good Bye

It's only a month from now, but I'm sure they'll come up with something to make it feel like a year. Of incarceration.

AOL is kicking its bloggers [journalers, whatever] out of here as of October 31. Halloween. How perfect. They promise to have a plan to help us move to another spot. Or we can do the move manually ourselves. I wonder if the movers are cute.

I think I'll back up everything in WORD. And then let them move my stuff someplace else for me -- as long as I like the amenities. You know guacamole and chips, free M&M peanuts. 

Meanwhile I'll try to make each one of these final days something to remember, as we wind down here at the world's cheesiest place to blog. Sorry, I meant sleaziest.


pattboy92 said...

Wow...wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm really not.  And I notice over at the Magic Smoke blog that AOL even added insult to injury by NOT sending emails to many of the bloggers who had just found out some other way.

It's a shame that the community -- those good members of the community, at least -- have to now force themselves into places they've so far never cared to go.

screaminremo303 said...

Ho-hum. They never gave a crap about us in the first place.

The only downside is you people will never get to find out who I am or where I work. That was going to be fun.

psychfun said...

I just read the emails & found out now. Have they said why? This is just stupid. They get rid of blogging when it gets bigger & bigger in the world? OMG...what is going on with them? Are they totally folding? Just let some other Bank, I mean company, do a take over! Did someone call their mortgage in? Did they rely on Senator McCain to help them? Has Palin gotten pissed off from all the bloggers saying she is only cute but does not have a lick brains under all that hair? Where are those AOL Sucks pix?

jayveerhapsody said...

AOL has kicked us in the ass numerous times before, but this is the biggest, swiftest kick ever. I'll probably abandon blogging altogether, and resume some of my other bad habits......    I'll miss you!      Jon

suzypwr said...

I will be in blogger, same name on it, but I haven't done anything there yet. It's an empty house at this point. Be sure to share your new address :-)

thisismary said...

Sigh.  Not that I have bothered with my AOL journal in forever.  Mrs. L.?  Decide where you are going sooner rather than later?   You, Jon and Mushie are three journals that I would rather not have to do without!

Did you hear me Jon?

Blogger is not as horrible as it seems at first. Let the world know where you are going Mrs. L.!