Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thank You and Goodnight

By the way -- I was nominated by four different bloggers for a SUPERIOR SCRIBBLER award about three weeks ago.

I'm still in shock. Only four?

Since then, I've been on the Mrs. Linklater World Tour through LA and TEXAS. This is not to be confused with Remo's upcoming Sponge Bob Short Pants Bus Tour to visit everyone who comments in his blog. As a result, I haven't had time to review all the rights and responsibilities required of the nominees. There appears to be a boatload of rules to follow. And you know me and rules.

Before I go rogue, I notice that not every issue is covered in the by-laws for accepting the award with grace, charm and poise. For instance, does receiving four nominations mean that I have to come up with five more nominations for EACH time I was nominated? That would be 20 blogs. I don't read twenty blogs.

Luckily, there isn't an answer available, so I'll simply say, NO. Not going to do that.

PAUSE. . .

We interrupt this scintillating entry with a multiple choice question. Which one of the following programs on commercial TV would you want to watch while writing in my blog?

Ah, remember commercial TV? Cable used to be commercial-free TV -- haaa. Now cable basically means porn and swearing. You can say the "c" word and show your naughty bits [I still long for the full frontal re-runs of OZ].

Unfortunately, there are no cable choices offered on Mrs. Linklater's bedroom TV because it isn't hooked up to the great channel surfer in the sky. You're stuck with a television from the 90's. With programming to match. So take your pick:

CBS: Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie about a teacher with Tourette's syndrome -- where the commercials are better than the show
NBC: Redskins v. Ravens football game [now 14 - 0; eventually worse]
ABC: Desperate Housewives [now with a serial killer] followed by Brothers and Sisters [whose mother is Sally Field]
CW Network: Some Teen Movie followed by news
PBS: Singing Priests [out on bail?] followed by John Denver [still raising money for public television after all these years]
FOX: American Dad followed by news
my50: Two hours of House Reruns -- Ewwww, House just kissed someone on the lips!

One more option: My TV also has a built in VHS player -- yes it's that old. And there just happens to be a stack of VHS movies sitting next to it.
You can choose from SAY ANYTHING, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, WHALE RIDER, THE KIDS STAYS IN THE PICTURE, and THE TAO OF STEVE if you don't want to watch TV. [NOTE TO SELF: Didn't Say Anything just celebrate its 20th anniversary? Time to put it back on the shelf.]

Or, if you want variety when you media multi-task, you can put one of Mrs. L's old DVDs in the computer and watch a movie while blogging: DUMA, ROCKY BALBOA [2 copies!], HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, BLADE RUNNER [director's cut], MUNICH, EASTERN PROMISES, TRANSAMERICA, UNITED 93, AUGUST RUSH, MR. BROOKS, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, OFFICE SPACE, and BREACH.

BUT THERE'S MORE!!! You can watch the old TV and an old DVD at the same time, or a really old VHS movie on the old TV with an old DVD on the 'puter.

Sometimes the south wall of my bedroom looks like a control booth from I Love Lucy.

Plug in the bubbling Lava Lamp I keep as a momento of my attempts to enjoy a misspent youth and some people might start tripping.

I predict that most Y chromosomes would choose football on TV no matter how old it is with a side order of a Rocky Balboa DVD. And the X women would go for the Hallmark Hall of Fame diasbility/disease movie. Along with the sweet and sentimental August Rush.

While you contemplate your selections, Mrs. Linklater has chosen to watch HOUSE on the TV and take a trip down memory lane with BLADE RUNNER in a small window on the computer -- oh, those halcyon days of yesteryear, when Harrison Ford was hotter than flapjacks on a griddle. And before Sean Young poured gasoline on her career and torched it.

Mrs. Linklater often maxes out on media from 1993 while writing in her blog. Imagine if she had a webcam. On second thought, let's not go there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled entry.

So I'll be here next week trying to figure out how to thank all the bloggers who nominated me and post the blogs I think deserve acknowledgment. While I try to learn how to upload all the other crap that has to be included.

Not that I'm complaining. . .


Remo said...

You? ROGUE??

You're so far off the reservation you can't even see the teepee. Or the casino.

My verification word was "weambad"

Are they Cubs fans?

cw2smom said...

Have a wonderful trip down memory lane tonight and sweet dreams of Harrison Ford! Congrats on the multiple awards! It's well deserved! Blessings, Lisa

Chris said...

I'd go with listening to music.

Anna said...

Harrison Ford has that sexy scar on his chin that could keep me occupied for days on end.

My multitasking while blogging involves monitoring who's turn it is on the Xbox and making sure I don't burn whatever it is I threw into the oven as an offering to the Gods of the Teenage Appetites.
Throw in "Mommy, can I wear the Princess dress?" (marker in hand) and you've got an afternoon at my house.

Now you know why I only write once a week, if I'm lucky, between the hours of 3 and 5 am. :p