Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mrs. Linklater Predicts Again

Have I mentioned Syracuse? How could anyone not embrace a team that beat UConn in six overtimes during the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament? In a game that lasted four hours. And if that doesn't float your boat, the next night they beat West Virginia in a semi-final game that also went into overtime. Just one, it turns out.

So naturally when they faced Louisville for the championship, I'm sure everyone was expecting the Orangemen to pull off another overtime miracle for a third night in a row.

Unfortunately that didn't happen. Because Louisville is probably the most formidable team right now. So when Syracuse lost to the consensus number one in the land in the Big East finals, there was nothing for them to be ashamed of.

Now that the boys in the dayglo orange jerseys have had some time to rest, they're been slowly making their way through the South region as the No.3 seed in the bracket. I sure wouldn't count them out as one of the Final Four.

Don't you just love it when Mrs. L thinks she's smarter than everyone else?

I'm just sayin'.


Chris said...

Wait...are you implying that you really aren't smarter than everyone else? ;)

Remo said...

Yeh, they played a great game and that point guard reminds me of The Pearl.

Eff'n Sun Devils...