Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mrs. Linklater Wants To Know

Does anybody know why Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, the stars of Duplicity, keep repeating the same dialog to each other? She claims she doesn't remember ever meeting him, while he insists he may forget names, but he doesn't forget people he's slept with.

Sara Jane Olson has been parolled. She was the fugitive Symbionese Liberation Army babe, who masqueraded as a Minnesota housewife and mother for 25 years, before America's Most Wanted outed her and she went to prison for some terrorist behavior. Does anyone besides me think she wasn't really an idealist, but just an ugly, dateless, suburban white girl who fell for the deadly charms of a charismatic black hoodlum in Berkeley, who wrapped his control freak homicidal/rapist tendencies in sixties rhetoric so he could have sex with a harem of college coeds whenever he wanted?

Does anybody wonder whether the Octomom has had her tubes tied yet? Any volunteers to hold her down?

Does anybody think that, despite all their good intentions, the new administration is making some major mistakes because they're moving too damn fast?

Given the track records of FEMA, the SEC, the FDA and whoever is in charge of making sure peanut processing plants won't kill you -- are there any government agencies left that actually do more than sit around and scratch their butts? [With all due respect to my friends at the FCC].

Does anybody else think that the list of calories, fat, and sugar listed on our food is just somebody's guess?

Speaking of which, does anyone think that tofu is actually the unholy alliance of leftover school paste and a package of gelatin?

Finally does anyone wonder why Nancy Grace even bothers?


Sandra said...

personally I love the one about tofu the best but they are all pretty darn good

Anne said...


cw2smom said...

Nancy Grace just irritates me to no end. Arrrgghh! Yes...on all the rest! just nasty to me! I don't care if "It picks up the flavor of what ever it's cooked with like mushrooms!" YUK! And..the same for mushrooms. Personally, I think the Japanese are trying to pay us back for dropping the bomb all those years ago...and Tofu is really something that is going to slowly poison us to death! LOL!

Melissa said...

I've been wondering for years how in the world Nancy Grace stays on the air. But even more than that, I wonder why ANYONE goes on her show! She is one of the rudest people I've ever heard on television.

Judith HeartSong said...

Who's Nancy Grace?


Remo said...

Nancy Grace combines the New World charms of a dominatrix with the prim sensibilities of Queen Victoria.

She makes Ann Coulter look like Mary Poppins.

Yeah, I'd do Mary Poppins too.

PK said...

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop? Way too many if my top vertebrae is the Tootsie Roll center and there’s some surgeon there trying to flick out a golf ball-sized chunk of scar tissue with a bottle opener. Sorry for the weird comment. I need places to vent. I hope Ann doesn’t read this.

Who is Nancy Grace?