Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cops In My Attic Part Deux, Short Version

I went to the police station to fill out a complaint against the officer who executed the wellness check the other day. 

His commander came out to meet me.  "I'm Commander [Overweight with an Irish Name]", he said introducing himself.  

"I'm Mrs. Linklater," I replied.   

I could have sworn the look on his face said, "You're Mrs. Linklater?" I wasn't sure why, until we'd chatted for awhile.

After five minutes, he said, "You know, you seem pretty normal." I think he also meant that I looked normal too.

WTF was he expecting?  

This just gets better and better. 


Remo said...

I'm guessing you left the CPAP at home.

I just know I'm gonna end up reading about this one on "Hard Copy."

Chris said...

He's been reading your blog;)