Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday! Sunday!

Woodstock was forty years ago. BFD. Zippity do dah. For those of us who had jobs, nice cars, a place to live, and didn't do drugs, it was just another mud-free weekend.

Last night the Bears looked like the Bears of recent history in their game against the Buffalo Bills, losing 27-20. Robbie Gould [He says GOLD] may have been the only bright spot, kicking two field goals, one for fifty yards. The "Cover 2" leaves a lot of receivers wide open. There seem to be two defenders in the area on every play, but they're always playing catch up. Guess why? Because the Cover 2 is a zone defense. There's no man to man. It also leaves a weakness in the middle -- think BIG HOLE. I read up on it today because I think the Cover 2 sucks, but I didn't know why. Tony Dungy adapted the Cover 2 by having the MLB fill in the hole, in effect turning the scheme into a Cover 3, or as it's known, The Tampa 2. Supposedly Brian Urlacher is fast enough to play that same role for the Bears, but SOMETHING'S NOT WORKING. The Bills marched on the Bears whenever they felt like it. The good news for the Bills, I noticed there wasn't an empty seat in the house.

But last night's game is not what this entry is about. This entry is about breakfast this morning at 9:00 AM at a local booth and counter place. You can call it a restaurant, but it's a diner. Great food for not much money, and it's always packed with the local swells from the surrounding communities -- people who follow sports like curling, wear pink Polo shirts, and drive BMW's. There's also a very private health club nearby, tucked away behind some buildings about a block away. A lot of pro ballplayers are rumored to work out and re-hab there. You have to know someone who knows someone just to get in the door.

After a tasty repast that included my mushroom and cheddar omelet, hash browns, English muffins with butter, fresh o.j., and bacon, it was time to pay. With few exceptions, the weekend patrons at the diner tend to eat in family groups that include three generations -- grandparents, parents, and the kids.

But, there was a guy waiting to pay who was alone. Not only that, he looked about twenty-something. Kind of early for his particular demographic on a Sunday morning. He was also dressed like a California surfer dude, with baggy shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. He also looked like he had just showered. And he looked familiar. Was he the son of someone I knew? Perhaps still living at home and trying to decide what to do with his life? Nah. Those kids don't get up until after 1:00 on Sundays.

I look again, but not so much that I stare. Okay, I was staring, but more like that faraway look people get when they're waiting their turn in line and you just happen to be what they're looking at.

Wait a minute, that's not the spawn of anyone I know. That's Robbie Gould [he says GOLD], the Bears' kicker. Wasn't the team in Buffalo just a few hours ago? Didn't he just kick his first field goals of the season? How did the bus get back here so fast? Kidding. I bet nobody else on the team is up this early, unless they've got a new baby.
There he was, standing in line, completely anonymous, except for me and I wasn't telling. He suddenly started checking his iPod for texts and tweets. "I'm at the greasy spoon. I think I see Mrs. Linklater. Even worse, she can see me. Somebody help."

If you've ever encountered a celebrity of any kind, you may have sized yourself up while standing or sitting next to him or her. I remember once when Dick Clark came into a cafe and stood next to me to order something to go. I looked at him and thought, "Geez, I'm about three inches taller than he is." And, "He doesn't have ANY gray hair; it's gotta be dyed."

I was at a Notre Dame event walking behind Rocky Bleier when he was playing for the Steelers. Egads, I thought. He's shorter than I am. [This seems to be a theme]. So as I was leaving the diner this morning I sized up Mr. Gould. He has short, reddish hair. Freckles. And I noticed that he was actually a little taller than I am. But, I also noticed that I have bigger feet.

Just to come full circle, during this anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, he's about forty years younger.

And probably thinks Woodstock was named after the bird from Peanuts.

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