Thursday, September 10, 2009

Niece and Nephews Alert

Pictures of children are wonderful. Ah, how they capture a moment in time that can last forever in the viewer's imagination. And yet, these snapshots are so deceiving, because the only photos we ever get to see are the good ones, taken when the precious, wecious, little sweetie pies are smiling and happy. Obviously, the problem with happy, smiling pictures of little kids is that they can lull you into thinking that having three young children under six years old is no big deal. A walk in the park, as it were. One can easily forget that this halcyon moment of peace and tranquility probably lasts no longer than a New York minute. Until the exhausted parent taking these particular photos saw a soft spot on the pavement and decided to lie down for only a second. . .one tiny little second. . .you kids just keep playing, I'll be right here. . .don't worry, it just looks like my eyes are closed. . .z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z.


Tressa Bailey said...

Last time I fell asleep when my kids were playing I received a haircut and the beta max was fed a peanut butter sandwich because it *looked hungry* !

But how sweet are those pictures!!!

Chris said...

Yes, all kids are really evil, EVIL I tell you;)