Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Afternoon Well Spent

While the rest of you are trying to catch up with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and keep track of how many gold medals the US has won, I have discovered far more interesting news you can use. The first has video proof:
     Five things that animals can do with their penises
The second is up on YouTube:
     Butt sniffer
You're welcome. 


Donna said...

OK, I think Mrs. Linklater needs to get laid.

Remo said...

Shoot. Too late to the party.

There's never an elephant around when you drop a sock behind the dryer.

Chris said...

I can only imagine the search engine traffic you'll get for this one:)

Anna said...

Well. That was educational. Especially when the girl came up behind me a minute ago and asked me "what's wrong with that elephant's leg?"

Just kidding.

But it coulda happened.... :p