Sunday, February 14, 2010

Assignment for NBC Video Editors at the Vancouver Olympics

I was watching the pairs skating when I got an idea. I turned off the TV and turned on a completely different piece of music. Kind of like listening to the radio play-by-play while watching a ballgame. 
     What piece of music you ask? I'll get to it. 
     The skating of each pair matched the new music perfectly. From start to finish. Their movements choreographed to this alternate music seamlessly.  No matter what the original music might have been.  
     That's why I think somebody at NBC should edit a video with clips of all the Olympic skaters performing their programs to the new arrangement of -- wait for it -- We Are The World. It's goosebumpy. 

Ice dancers Torvill and Dean      


Remo said...

Does it work for Muscrat Love?

Chris said...

It also works with the White Album played backwards.