Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get the Facts, Jack!

With the medical insurance reform bill vote only hours away, it's hard to tell fact from fiction, but Fact HERE does just that.  Here's a sample of the crap they debunk: 

It’s government-run health care.
Despite the fact that the federal health insurance plan (a.k.a. the “public option”) is now gone from the bill, Republicans and conservative groups have continued to claim that the bill institutes a system like the one in the United Kingdom, or Canada, or otherwise amounts to a government takeover. It doesn’t. A pure government-run system was never among the leading Democratic proposals, much to the chagrin of single-payer advocates. Instead, the bill builds on our current system of private insurance, and in fact, drums up more business for private companies by mandating that individuals buy coverage and giving many subsidies to do so. There would be increased government regulation of the insurance industry, however, to require companies to cover preexisting conditions, for example. These “government-run” claims have also included heavy criticism of health care in the U.K., such as the outrageous assertion by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop that seniors would be “too old” to qualify for artificial joints and pacemakers in the U.K. The majority of those getting joint replacements and pacemakers in the U.K. are, not surprisingly, seniors.

Ironically, if it weren't for Medicare, which IS government run, I still wouldn't have my new hips. 


Remo said...

For someone involved in the advertising business, I'm surprised you're falling for this one. If it was really about reforming health care, it wouldn't need 2,000+ pages and carry increased IRS oversight and penalties for not enrolling.

The consequences of me being wrong? Insignificant at best. The consequences of you being wrong?


RYak said...

This blog-writing does that work? You consistent freaks of nature. I miss you blogging folk.

I'll send you some pictures from Key West. My hairdresser is a former Chippendale. Also, I'm thisclose to hanging out with Judy Blume. Do you think she'll mind if I put my name on her next manuscript and submit it to another publisher? I'm thinking the title "Hello Judy, It's Me, Ruth" would be appropriate. Haaaaaaaaa.