Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29th -- Not Coming Very Soon To a Theater Near You

Funny how no one [that I can recall] has ever written a memorable book or shot a distinguished movie about February 29th. I'm thinking it could be a fantasy about what happens to this once every four-year phenomenon, when its 24 hours are up and midnight strikes. Are the people born on February 29th given access to another world through a secret portal? Are the people who die on February 29th brought back to life in a parallel universe? Does time stop? Is it slow or fast? And what year is it wherever that universe is?
          I thought about February 29th a lot today, since, coincidentally, today is February 29th. I had deep, philosophical, plot-driven thoughts like, where would February 29th go when it disappears for the next three years, invisible and inaccessible to the known world for 1035 straight days, assuming I added correctly? Is it a Star Wars world with an ensemble cast experiencing a Notebook love story? With Ryan Gosling as the man who does his own stunt driving and speaks only with his eyes? Or is it an action flick with Nic Cage scaring us with yet another hair styling iteration? And driving people crazy with speech impediments and protheses he implements to flesh out his character. Think Peggy Sue got married. And Moonstruck. Also is there a part for Gerard Butler? Please.
          Meanwhile, who and what does February 29th take with it into this secondary world, most likely populated by people who were born or died on this date? Twinkies? Skittles? Ipods and pads? Is McDonald's a health food restaurant in this other place? And since we're on the subject, how the hell does anyone get there? FedEx? Clearly this requires some creative thought and better than average graphics. 
          I found an article about a mother and a daughter who were both born on February 29th. Apparently the odds of this happening are 2,000,000 to 1. Perhaps these unique people are treated as if they were gods by the inhabitants of that other place, where February 29th goes to wait for its next appearance back here. In 2016. The day that February 29th -- The Movie could conceivably have its world premiere. 
          Somewhere, I know there's a 12-year-old boy thinking the same thing I am. 

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IT (aka Ivan Toblog) said...

I read a post or a comment somewhere about how Feb 29 birthday are celebrated in non-leap years:
The crowd gathers about ten minutes before midnight on the 28th, starts singing Happy Birthday just before the new day, finishes on March 1, then everyone leaves