Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is Elmer, er, Nemo, er, Elmo

There's a new cat in town. Or at my stepmother's house at least. After several unsuccessful attempts, my patient stepma has procured the services of a new family pet, whose name keeps changing. I guess he was called Elmer by the rescue people, perhaps even by his former owners, allegedly an elderly couple who could no longer care for him. I thought he deserved a more catlike name for his moniker, since Elmer has been associated with more bovine creatures in my life. And seems to go better with Fudd than feline. 
          I know it sounds fishy, but Nemo was suggested as an alternative and lasted for a short time. However, Elmo seems to be winning out, not for any aesthetic or philosophical reason, except that people keep mixing up Elmer with Nemo and coming out with Elmo. It doesn't really matter, since most cats I've known respond best to "Here kitty kitty" anyway.
          Clearly he has not missed too many meals. And, judging by his outgoing personality, affectionate demeanor, and willingness to let you scratch his head, his belly, and under his chin, Elmo was treated well in his previous life. He has a beautiful tail, supposedly from a DNA connection to a Maine Coon cat somewhere in his past. However, even though he has black stripes across his back, I don't think his mother reconnoitered with a skunk at any point. His eyes look yellow in these pictures, but they are, in fact, a lovely shade of green. He's a regular decorative accessory. And no doubt, a lively addition to the neverending excitement which drives this blog. Here are some photos for you to peruse. 

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