Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mrs. Linklater's March of Rhymes

You know how sometimes you feel like taking funny pictures 
and writing some silly rhymes? Well, this was one of those times. 

We once had a cousin who smelled like a turtle.
When she sniffled her nose, it made a loud gurgle.
Her eyes were two sizes, one big and one small.
And the bangs on her forehead didn’t look right at all.
There once was a neighbor named Mrs. MaGillacuddy.
She had a big chin and talked like a fuddy-duddy.
She wore funny glasses that pinched her long nose.
And when she ate chocolate she stood on her toes.
Your sitter was born with some google - ly eyes
That look quite amazed, even kinda surprised.
They even get bigger when she happens to see
Her blueberry pie all covered with bees. 
The lady next door had a face that was twisted.
Her nose would do anything her upside down cheeks did.
When she tried to eat food, it fell out when she chewed.
She had to sneeze fast or her head would unscrew. 


Wendy said...

You bear a striking resemblance to Nigel St.Tubbins in that second photo.

Wendy said...

I mean David St. Hubbins...

Jeezus, I'm not even drunk.

Mrs. L said...

You mean the patron saint of quality footwear? I'm honored.