Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am too shocked to write verses about these pictures yet. 
But I won't stop you.
Do you realize how courageous I am just to post these?

My bangs look like Donald Trump's combover.

Nice lower lip. It looks like my tongue. 

Holy crap. 

My glasses are melting! [Those yellow wires are my earphones. 
I'm attached to my computer as I shoot these pix.]
Big upper lip. The better to blow my nose with.

Teeth as big as my feet. 


Jon said...

When I first saw the photos
I started to shriek:
"Is dear Mrs. L.
a carnival freak?"
But later my fears
were all put to rest.
The pictures you posted
were only in jest!

Mrs. L said...

Thanks. I needed that. Much better than anything I'd write.