Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Surprise!! 40th Birthday Party Shocker

What if -- all of a sudden -- fifteen senior ladies dressed in polyester and sequins came barging into your private dining room, singing Do Wah Diddy? You'd probably be in a state of shock and wonder, all caught on video. When the song finished, one of them [Mrs. Linklater in disguise], began to roast the guest of honor with way too much knowledge about his past. Following the roast, the ladies sang another tune with a special set of lyrics designed to cause further amusement/embarrassment for the birthday boy and the room full of assembled guests. We're here all week. All month. In fact, this is our 60th year. Oh, I crack myself up. 

What the. . .?

I have no idea who these women are. . .

We claimed to be members of the Pep Club 
at his old high school, his classmates from 1991.

 This is Lulabelle Clarabelle Tinkerbelle Jones. 
She is available for bar mitzvahs and Irish wakes. 

                                         Nothing was sacred. No secret was safe.

Drama and overacting were the keywords for the evening.

You got me!!!

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