Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Boy Scouts' Perversion Files Make the Catholic Church look like Choirboys

Google Perversion Files -- you don't even have to include "Boy Scouts."  Lots of articles come up. In the NY Times. LA Times. And then there's the actual files themselves. Totally creepy. Here's a LINK to twenty years of BSA files they kept on pedophiles. Only a court order has made them public. Like the Catholic Church, the BSA likes to keep their dirty laundry out of the public eye. I noticed that some of the people complaining about a creepy scoutmaster don't know the difference between a homosexual and a pedophile. I'm not sure the BSA knows either, considering their ongoing ban on gay scoutmasters. And history of reluctance to report pedophile scoutmasters to the authorities. 

Click on any PDF file provided for one of the listed perverts and be appalled and some of the behavior. 

The Perversion Files, if you still don't know, are the files kept by the Boy Scouts' on their INELIGIBLE VOLUNTEERS -- often scout leaders with a history of sexually inappropriate behavior with scouts. 

When push came to shove a generation ago, the Boy Scouts purged thousands of their Perversion Files. Like the priests, they tended not to report perverted behavior to the cops. They just tried to control the problem from headquarters by making these criminals "INELIGIBLE" for scouting. Except when they forgot to inform the local scouting organizations. 

I read an estimate which claimed that, at one time, there were files on over 20,000 people who had been put on the INELIGIBLE VOLUNTEER list -- before the purge. Now there's only 6000. 

Speaking of which: UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE on the Bill Bricker case. No arrest yet. I don't plan to hold my breath. Of course, it would help if more people abused by Bill Bricker talked to Detective Danielle Spence in Wyoming -- [307] 733-4052.

The Northeast Council of the Boy Scouts here in Illinois has not been helpful answering my questions. I asked whether there is a list of every scout who was ever in Bricker's Troop 18? Sorry. Too long ago. Oh darn. We don't have that information here on the premises. How about just TWO names? Sorry. Can't find them. 

The Winnetka cops pretty much stonewalled my FOIA request for the records that the BSA sent them. They are also truly culpable, with a uniformed officer not even writing up a police report, when I came in fifteen or so years ago to report what I had been told by victims.  

This time around, I got nothing from my FOIA request to them, except for one paragraph in a monotonous three page phone log which confirms that the BSA called the cops in February of this year, a fact I found interesting, since I didn't call the BSA until later. 

That call between the BSA and the Winnetka cops notes that Bricker was allegedly accused of alleged inappropriate sexual contact with alleged juveniles at Teton Valley Ranch Camp as well as in Winnetka. Allegedly. Have I said allegedly enough? Remember, Bricker allegedly retired from scouting in the 80's. So why was the BSA calling the cops in February? Hmmm. Probably because the detective in Wyoming had been in touch about the case out there. The first one ever filed as far as I know in 50 years. Fortunately, there's no statute of limitations out there. 

A few weeks ago, when I asked the Winnetka Cops for the entire BSA file on Bricker they told me to my face that I could expect to get the file with the juveniles' names and addresses, ages and dates redacted. I got nothing. 

Someone else answering the phone at the BSA office in Texas promised to have her supervisor call me back about another question I posed. They haven't. As mentioned earlier, they did confirm in an earlier phone call that Bill Bricker is on their IV -- INELIGIBLE VOLUNTEER -- list, otherwise known as the Perversion Files. This is a name not only used by the Boy Scouts, but by the attorneys who have sued the BSA successfully, and the reporters who have written about those suits HERE in the NY Times. 

I don't know why Bill Bricker's name doesn't appear in any of the perversion files that have been made public, even though he's considered an INELIGIBLE VOLUNTEER. 

He has been under the radar for decades, because most of the people he molested have kept the experience secret since the fifties. 

It makes me wonder whether there are very powerful North Shore scout leaders or parents who kept information about Bricker suppressed. 

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