Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Did Bill Bricker Do To You? Please Tell Someone.

Shame and silence. For 50 years. Read today's story [5/13/14] about another trusted teacher who abused kids for decades before he was outed HERE

Bill Bricker Update:
There was a comment left just a few days ago on an earlier blog entry written about Bill Bricker. That comment was the first time that anyone has left his real name. It is reprinted below with just his initials. I hope this will encourage more people to come forward. 

PK said...
I attended Crow Island School. In 4th or 5th grade I became a member of Troop 18 led by Bill Bricker. I attended a weekend trip to the Amaquansippi Trail and during that weekend Bill Bricker sexually molested me. I left Troop 18 not long after that happened and never saw Bill again.
         I have moved on in my life, married, had two children and now three grandchildren.
         Bill Bricker should be prosecuted, no matter how old he is and no matter how prestigious his exterior reputation is. He was, and probably still is, a pedophile.

There is an active case in Wyoming, with preparations underway to file criminal charges. This is a first. The more people who can corroborate the stories of abuse, the stronger the case will be. Bill Bricker worked summers at the Teton Valley Ranch Camp, where kids came from all over the country. Call Detective Dani Spence in Jackson, WY @307-733-4052, if you experienced or witnessed any crimes by Bricker. Or know anyone who went to camp at Teton Valley Ranch. 

Boy Scouts who were victimized in Bill Bricker's Troop 18 in Winnetka or girls who attended Hubbard Woods Elementary School, where he was a teacher can contact Marc Pearlman in Chicago. His contact info is embedded in this paragraph sent to the blog from someone who decided to do something about what happened when he was a boy:

          I was sexually abused by Bill Bricker many decades ago.  This has preyed on me for a long time and I have finally decided to do something about it.  I would appreciate your contacting Chicago attorney Marc J. Pearlman of Kerns, Frost & Pearlman at his private direct line of 312-261-4554 or via email at mpearlman@kfplegal.com and sharing with him what you may know about Bill Bricker and his victims.  After speaking with him, it might be helpful if you could let other victims know about this and suggest to them that they might want to contact him.  Their identities would be known only to him. If you know of circumstances, dates, or places of instances, it will be helpful. This is the website of the law firm: http://www.kfplegal.com/  Thank you very much.

IV. For boys and girls in Wyoming and Illinois, you can also contact Jason Sipe, litigation assistant at 503-274-1176. He does client intake for a law firm in Portland, OR that specializes in the litigation of civil sex abuse cases -- quite successfully against the BSA and the Catholic Church, in particular. He can be reached at O'Donnell Clark & Crew LLP • 1650 NW Naito Parkway • Suite 302 • Portland, OR 97209-2534. 

V. It isn't much, but here's a screenshot of some confirmation I got from the police:

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