Thursday, September 25, 2014

All of Bricker's Alleged Victims Can Have Their Say in Court

The warrant for Bill Bricker's arrest on September 23, 2014 was for two alleged sexual assaults that took place in Wyoming. One in 1962 and one in 1985. Based on the number of comments from alleged victims in previous blog posts, that number is probably just the tip of the iceberg. 

While it may seem like there would be no opportunity for Bill Bricker's alleged victims in Illinois to ever face him in court -- statute of limitations, etc -- there is one way you can be heard, while also making an important difference.

Detail your experiences in a letter to the Wyoming court, which can then be entered into evidence during his trial in Wyoming. The legalese is kind of fancy, so I will return with the actual wording of what the procedure is called, after I track it down. 

Think about it. The man is 94 and he's on oxygen. He's not going to live much longer. Before he dies, you have a chance to tell him how his allegedly inappropriate behavior affected your life, how it has made you feel, changed you, along with anything else you want to say. Meanwhile, he has to sit in court and listen while a litany of his alleged transgressions is read into the record. 

People always talk about closure. For me, Bricker's arrest after all these years is closure. He should have been prosecuted decades ago. Anyone who protected him is just as guilty. That includes the police, the boy scouts, and the school system. 

All I did was to find an article about him, written in 2005, which I posted here in 2007. 

After that, it was the people who read and commented on this blog who got the job done. You and the tenacious Teton County Sheriff's detectives. You and attorney Marc Pearlman. You and the courageous boy scouts who got tired of living with the burden of what Bill Bricker did to them.

  In my opinion, Wyoming is light years ahead of the Illinois courts in cases like this. This is a unique opportunity to get a lifetime of shame and guilt off your chest. 

Call the Teton Country Sheriff's Office in Jackson, WY @307-733-4052. Find out how to submit your letter to the court. 

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