Sunday, April 18, 2004

More Things

Today's answer: I don't know.  Today's question:  What's a good question to ask?  

Mrs. Linklater forgot some things on her list of 25 things assignment: 1) She went on a horse round up for her honeymoon. Near Gallatin Gateway WY. on a huge ranch that Ted Turner bought later

2) She was one of the first to find dates via a nationwide computer dating service -- in the sixties. The pool of people was limited to students on college campuses, thank goodness. Two of the guys she met are still close friends

3)  Mrs. Linklater knew the exact moment she got pregnant each time  Trust her, it helps when you're planning the next nine months.

4) She has flown in a glider over Aspen and followed a hawk riding the thermals

5) She has ridden horses down Ruthie's Run, but not skis

6) She sang with a jazz ensemble at Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL

7)  She has driven around the track at Road America in an Acura NSX. Another time in a plain old Ford Explorer that needed new breaks when it was over 

8) A pilot friend flew his A-4 from Miramar in CA to Glenview Naval Air Station in IL to go out to dinner

9) She once had a flash that a former boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident.  She could see him falling off the bike and hitting the pavement. She found out several months later, when she ran into him, that the accident had actually happened the day she saw it in her mind's eye. Cosmic. 

10) She brought her dying cat home from the vet so he could be in familiar surroundings.  She was told he had about 24 hours to live. She stayed up and held him all night which may have helped. He lived three more years.

11) She'll remember more later.Or not.


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