Sunday, May 16, 2004

Questions and Answers

Well, lwhitewave had the courage to ask three questions. Thank you for stopping by. Mrs. Linklater is flattered and hopes she can summon up some good answers.

1)What, if anything, is one topic you would love to blog on, but don't dare to because you are afraid of public opinion? Mrs. Linklater would probably write about anything, as long as she could give it a humorous, satiric, or cynical spin. She's willing to take on the heavy stuff in a light way. Politics, religion, which way the toilet paper goes. The only public opinion she truly fears is her daughters'.

2)What is the craziest thing you've ever told someone (or wished you had told)when they asked your opinion?  Over the decades, Mrs. Linklater has said a lot of crazy things. Her mouth is rarely in check.

She was in a Sears meeting years ago, as one of the representatives of their ad agency.  There were at least ten men and one Mrs. Linklater. 

The Research & Development GUYS at Sears wanted to introduce a new iron that was so loaded with excess hardware, bells and whistles, all it needed was headlights. They were wetting their pants about this iron.

The Sears honcho turned to her and said, "So, you're a woman.  What do you think of this iron?" And Mrs. Linklater said, "I think you've got an Edsel." Silence.

Women don't care about  turbo-charged irons. Men do. Most women need one setting. And some steam. As far as Mrs. Linklater knows, they never launched that iron. 

[FYI: When the Edsel was introduced by Ford, it bombed so badly, it became the symbol of bad marketing.] 

3) Do you really dislike dogs and their people??  Cats are great, but I don't want someone to dislike ME because I have and love dogs....
Mrs. Linklater loves dogs and cats. And people, too, with a few exceptions. 

The Cat Leash Law journal entry may have left the wrong impression. It's stupid pet owners she has problems with. And dumb municipal laws.

She grew up with two collies and a kitty. She even held the kitty by her side all night when it was dying. She also helped any number of puppies to be born. Her daughters have grown up with three cats. There was a gerbil somewhere in there, too.

Actually she misses having dogs and cats so much, she often visits her friends and family who have dogs and cats just to spend time with their pets.



Well, now, that wasn't too hard. Mrs. Linklater doesn't need to lie down and take a nap or anything.



sonensmilinmon said...

OMG ... you had me laughing so hard I almost feel off my chair! Thanks for the smile and the laugh.


lwhitewave said...

Thanks! You have always, as long as I've been reading your entries that is, given me the impression that you are here for YOU first and I appreciate that more than you know.