Saturday, February 12, 2005


The Hotel Za Za is supposedly the hip n' happening swank spot to stay in Dallas. That's why they charge a lot more than the spartan accommodations Mrs. Linklater chose. [See previous entry.] 

A cadre of bodyguard sized men in well filled out black t-shirts is there to greet you in the lobby. Each has his gold name tag carefully pinned to his ample chest. They exist only to serve. Mrs. L thought for a moment that the Chippendales were in town, working the late shift for extra tips.

There is a huge glass filled with hot tamales for the taking as you check in. There's also a canopied bed right by the front desk in case you want to practice using one before retiring to your room. 

Mrs. Linklater even noticed a nude statue. "Betty" was a real person at one time. Not that she was trapped in the statue or anything. She was a Dallas socialite whose heyday was the fifites. Clearly she was not only well endowed, but well liked by all her husbands. At least liked well enough to have her au naturelle physique captured in stone so she could be used as a garden ornament. And now as a lobby ornament. Kind of makes Mrs. Linklater wonder what kind of an ornament she herself might make on someone's lawn. There's also that chandelier you see above hanging in the lobby.  Like you need all that crystal to make your stay more pleasant.  All right, so the Hotel Za Za has room service and a classy restaurant.  And a rooftop bar. Mrs. Linklater knows the value of her dollar.

Just give her a bed.  A bathroom.  Running water.  A few lights.  A TV with a remote. And a door that locks. That's all she needs.  The rest is just a way for them to pad your bill. 




robbush6 said...

Boy, this takes all the fun out of Motel 6.

jocko8189 said...

Mrs. Linklater, I am in the process of digging out a circular area in my front lawn
in preparation for "an ornament" of you.  Thanks!

pollysci said...

More detail, Mrs. L!  Did you stay in a particular suite?

tara, who's heard about the Za Za but has yet to rate it on my honor bar scale. :)

somenuttychic said...

Sounds like quite the place. I'm with you on this one. Luxury is great (if someone else is paying for it) but when I'm footing the bill, just give me the basics. All white tiled showers look pretty much the same and I don't see anything when I'm sleeping anyway. :-)