Saturday, September 24, 2005


Duck, North Carolina. Lots of geese, egrets, wild horses, gulls, blackbirds, and a couple of hawks.  But no ducks that I could see.

Here's one last picture [maybe] that my brother took during my visit to the Outer Banks. I love that he caught the light on my hair and kept the rest of me in shadow. Women over sixty appreciate the judicious use of reduced lighting in their photos. Less is more. In fact, like Dick Cheney, you'll rarely see me outside during the day.


artloner said...

You Ninny!

Ya' look FABULOUS!


ps: I am from place on earth!

ksquester said...

sunglasses and will do the trick!   Anne

sunnyside46 said...

I know, dont' you hate it when your mother keeps getting in between you & your mirror?
By the way, love your hair

swmpgrly said...

LOL  Great lighting

swibirun said...

Perhaps it is named "Duck" not for the bird but for all the hurricanes that hit that area:)  


jocko8189 said...

Spectacular picture Mrs. Linklater!

jckfrstross said...

Great picture:) hows your brother and family doing?


suzypwr said...

Maybe "duck" has something to do with what you need to do after all those birds fly over your head!

Great pic!


onemoretina said...

....and women approaching sixty appreciate it, too.  These days, black is my favorite color.  Clothes, lighting, you name it.  Matter of fact, I just wimped out and pulled the latest picture from my ' about me' sight, in favor of one where I am posing daintily with a water float around my head.  Anything beats the reality ..... Tina

vagabondevermore said...

I am from NC.  We have lots of ducks where I live. It is quite lovely to see them fly in formation.