Saturday, September 24, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six Rita Whips It Up Edition


I'm getting the feeling that if Rita were a flesh and blood woman she'd be a dominatrix, snapping her whip and ordering people to their knees. Either that or she's just a desperate housewife with terrible PMS trying to get her husband to help with the chores. He must have calmed her down a bit since she came on land without the ferocity the weather guys up in the planes kept reporting. Maybe somebody got her some Xanax and she decided to chill. Of course, tell that to the New Orleans folks who got flooded again. I understand how prehistoric people ascribed supernatural powers to natural events. This all feels very apocalyptic to me.  

1. Of the following, which one best describes you at your worst?  (You can't select "None of the above!")
   a. One who doesn't finish what he/she starts
   b. One who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk
   c. One who always finds the worst in a situation
   d. One who generally knows what's right but does what's wrong

Don't give me that you can't select NONE OF THE ABOVE stuff. I'll do what I want.

So -- I finish everything I start professionally. But I am such a dud, personally.There are many things I want to do and can do that I start and let sit.
For instance -- and this is the tip of the iceberg, I have a  baby blanket from 30 years ago that is still half finished over there in the corner.

I am used to talking the talk AND walking the walk in my life. If I say I can do something, I can do it. But time has taken its toll on my body and desire. Lately I back off when it looks like I have to carry the burden of responsibility myself. Something that never stopped me before. Now, no thanks, I would rather nap.

Bascially, I never used to bite off more than I could chew. Now I have to gum everything.

I always look for the opportunities, not the problems in a situation. I have no patience with naysayers. I will shut them down or remove them if they don't get on board. The first person off my team is the one who says, "You can't do that."  I want the people who see the impossible and say, "How can we make it happen?"

I do what's right when it comes to other people. And my children. If I witness a traffic accident I let the police or the victim know what I saw. I spent four years and was a witness in two trials for one person against a lying bitch who ran a red light right past me and slammed into a car full of children broadside. I've also been called three times by insurance companies for other people who counted on me to help. But I often do stupid stuff when it comes to my own life. Nothing illegal. Just not judicious. Whaddya mean, you want details? Not happening, you nosy people.

2. Not counting shows like Saturday morning cartoons designed specifically for kids, what single show that you grew up watching religiously is now the one you most hate to sit through?

Once a week when I was a little kid, I Love Lucy was on. My whole family watched it religiously. This is the ORIGINAL show that I'm talking about. I loved it. Same with Jackie Gleason.  Now I hate anything with Lucillle Ball. And I retch when I see the Honeymooners.

3. Have youever been so angry with a company that you swore you'd never do business with them again?  If so, did you keep that promise?

I swore I'd never fly American Airlines because of something that happened to a family member. But I got permission from the person who was treated badly to fly them again. That was tough. It meant pretty much flying United only -- all the time. My boycott lasted a year.  Now I've crossed the Hyatt off my list because of how they arranged to have their guests and employees jump the line ahead of the evacuees in New Orleans.  That one is easier, since there are plenty of hotel chains.

4. Take this quiz:  Are you psychic?
I'll be back with the answer.

You Are 70% Psychic
You are pretty psychic.
While you aren't Miss Cleo, you've got a little ESP going on.
And although you're sometimes off on your predictions...
You're more often right than wrong
So go with your instincts - you know more than you think

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #68 from Lily: What's the longest you've talked on the phone in a single phone call, and who were you talking to?

A guy I knew moved to LA and we used to be on the phone for as much as three hours at a time, two and three times a week. I've watched entire football, basketball and baseball games on the phone with girlfriends in other cities.  Usually I avoid phone dates now. There was a guy I used to call Telephone Dave. He lived in the next town and couldn't meet me for a chat in person?  After a few long calls, I said Hasta La Bye Bye. Make plans or make yourself scarce became my motto.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #69 from Betty:   (She recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas!)  How do you feel about gambling?

I feel about gambling the way I feel about drinking, smoking and using illegal drugs, I don't need it in my life. Yes, I know that makes me a self-righteous prig. But who better to carry the banner? 

By the way -- I went to Las Vegas for the first time last Christmas. Nice town. There's plenty to do there besides gambling.


mosie1944 said...

You?  A self-righteous prig?  Who'd a thought it?

ann7inflorida said...

I'm with you on #1 & #6. I'm also with you on the "I Love Lucy" thing. I never liked the show, not as a kid or an adult. Lucille Ball's voice makes all of my muscles tense up.

I picked the "Love Boat" Just as bad but in a different way.

jckfrstross said...

Glad your brother and family is ok!


onemoretina said...

Changing my name to Rita ....  Tina