Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Month Another Disease

Well, it's National Celebrities Who Have Breast Cancer Month, so we're all being reminded about how important it is to have a mammogram each year. Or, as I call it, the yearly Tits In A Ringer X-Ray.

While the money it costs to pay for those mammograms makes the manufacturers of those torture machines richer every October, along with the doctors that can't wait to slam your breasts into them -- there are a few other things you can do to help prevent breast cancer besides getting a mammogram.

Stop smoking for starters. Quit taking birth control pills or popping HRT if you've been loading up on either one of those horse hormones for more than five years. Of course, if you're smoking AND doing the pill, it's only a matter of time, but you're definitely getting the Big C. Might as well reserve a room at the hospital. 

While we're coming up with things you can do, nurse your babies. Nursing hormones offer protection against breast cancer for your mammary glands. The longer you breastfeed, the better. Use 'em or lose 'em.

Cheryl Crow is our most recent poster girl for breast cancer.  She's skinny enough to be one of those women who smokes instead of eats. But let's give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she doesn't. However, I'll bet she's been doing birth control for a couple of decades. You can pay a high price for being horny.

The cancer society never gives out the stats on the percentage of women who get breast cancer each year who were taking birth control or HRT.  I wonder how much the pharmaceutical companies are donating to them to keep their mouths shut? 

It's also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Disease of Women Who Think He'll Change. But you'd never know it, considering the lack of coverage. No celebrities like to admit they've been pummeled by a partner. And the media are only interested in ordinary people after you've been punched around until you're dead.

Okay, my yearly rant is over. Don't say I didn't warn you.


mosie1944 said...

I love this entry.  I read it to Cliff, and he laughed too.  "This is the woman," I told him, "who got us off a full-size aspirin and onto the baby aspirin."

I quit HRT a few years ago.  And I didn't take birth control pills for long before I got "fixed".  

So this time, I'm ahead of your advice.  (Oh, too late for me to worry about nursing, though.)

psychfun said...

Suzanne Summers was on the View yesterday talking about her latest book "Ageless" and they discussed breast cancer awareness. Suzanne was talking about how her books goes through all the hormones & to use Ugh can't remember the phrase, Dual bio? hormones...basically not the synthetic ones! I guess you have to check out her books. You should have seen Rosie showing how to kinda do a breast exam & how their is breast tissues all the way down your arms etc. You should of seen that with John Lithgow on the couch! HA! Suzanne's breast cancer was undetected they believe for 10 yrs! It was against the chest wall. They mentioned that ultrasound etc is better. I'm intriqued to find out why they kept persuing it if the mammogram was clear, if she felt it or pain or what?

Speaking of Domestic Violence Month & celebrities, they have Alec Baldwin on the show Friday. HA! They should mention that with him on the show!  

Wal Mart has great hot pink t-shirts with rhinestone studded ribbon, different socks, baseball hats, umbrellas etc! I got a bunch to raffle off at school. I love my set! Wearing them 1 day a week all this month!

suzypwr said...

Birth control pills + smoking - also a nice route to a stroke, even in young women. There is a high price for more than just beauty.

Thanks for the reminders!


mombzbe said...

I've seen that machine.

I'd rather get felt up.

It's a shame those plates are chest-high.  Imagine how much domestic violence could be prevented if they were oh, about ball-level.  
Pop! goes the weasel....

swibirun said...

I don't smoke and I'm not on the pill.....thank god!

I have had a mammogram though.  What an experience, getting shuffled in the back door of the Baptist Womens Center like someone getting an abortion in a garage clinic.  I'm a-ok now though!


z7snowflake said...

interesting rant