Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's On The News So It Must Be True

A few years ago a three year old girl was taken from her family's home at night. She was found sexually assaulted and dead in the river nearby. Several months later her father was arrested for her murder. He was tried and convicted. All along he said he was innocent. Luckily DNA evidence finally proved that he wasn't the killer. Now the family is suing the county cops in civil court for being so stupid.

Yesterday, during the trial, the dad took the stand to describe what he went through while he was incarcerated. Threats of death from other inmates, stuff like that. So there was news coverage about his ordeal on the radio and TV. Now for the point of all this. What struck me was how one reporter said the guy had spent eight months in prison. Another reporter on another station said he had spent eighteen months in prison. Then a radio analyst said he had spent eight years in prison.

Now we're getting different stories about the massacre in Omaha.

First the kid was 20. Then he was 19. First he shot everybody because his girlfriend broke up with him. Then he shot everybody because he lost his job. Then he was facing charges for drug possesion. He was living with his step-parents. He was living with a family friend who took him in.

In the Drew Peterson case, he supposedly had a relative help him move a blue plastic barrel from his house the night his wife went missing. Then it was a box of some sort. Now we're back to the blue barrel.

Everybody heard the story of the English school teacher in Sudan who let her class name some kind of toy after the prophet Muhammed. That's a big no-no in the Islamic community. A jail time no-no.

Except it turns out the kids actually named the toy after one of the children in the class whose name is also Muhammed. THE KID named Muhammed apparently got confused with THE PROPHET named Muhammed by the powers that be. While it is true that THE KID Muhammed is named after THE PROPHET Muhammed, as are most members of the male population who reside in Islamic countries, THE TOY Muhammed was not. But you can see why there might be some difficulty sorting this out. Unfortunately confusion like this is punishable by whipping and prison time under Islamic law. Until the whole world heard about this latest sign of the Apocalypse and soon after, the teacher's apology and a plane ticket home were accepted instead.

Now we're freezing rates on home mortgages for five years, except you have to qualify first. First the freeze was for everybody wtih a subprime loan. Now it isn't. Baslcally this means if your house is in foreclosure, don't bother. Your payments have to be up to date. And this is helpful how?

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