Friday, July 25, 2008

See What Happens When You Let Women Run Things?

Let's see, what can I write about?  Not that. Not that. Definitely, not that.

Okay, here's something -- nope, not that either.

Wait, I've got it. And it's about sex, too!!!  There is a nine to noon morning radio show here in Chicago -- Kathy and Judy. Apropos of nothing, I went to college with Judy -- we were in the same graduating class in fact. Also one of my good friends was one of her good friends.

Anyway, for two women in their sixties, Kathy and Judy sure have quite a following of "girlfriends" that includes loads of guys from every walk of life -- truck drivers, cabbies, docs, you name it.

They have some regular features during the week, along with a yearly convention that is always sold out. In between they host trips to spas and sometimes broadcast from local towns.
Wednesdays they have a session of their weekly Speak Your Peace. Listeners are invited to call in and rag about something for 30 seconds. Anything is fair game except criticizing specific people.

But that stuff is tame. It's their Thursday feature that draws the crowds. At 11 AM, after the news, they tell the kids to get out of the room so the adults can talk about SEX. 

That's pretty radical for daytime. Think about it. Does your city have two sixty-ish women hosting a talk radio show in the morning who discuss something besides recipes and getting in touch with your feelings?

I don't think so.

Yesterday they had one of their biggest listener responses ever -- because the girls invited everyone to describe their sex lives in eight words. They were flooded with calls and emails.

Google WGN Radio for the Kathy and Judy show and you can immerse yourself.

Here's my description: "Hang on, I have another call coming in."

What's yours?


ksquester said...

"BEIGE....I think the ceilng is light beige! "   That's my story and I'm sticking to it!   Anne  

screaminremo303 said...

"Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"

rgossett4195 said...

I listen to them all the time.  I love speak your peace, especially when the ticked off old granny's get on whining about truckers!   I've heard the sex one before too.  very funny!

Rose from Oswego

swibirun said...

Do you think that the kids heard us?

Have a great weekend!

suzypwr said...

My sex life is moving to another state.