Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How Do You Like New York Now, Smarty-Pants Boy?

NY Times

Today the entire borough of Manhattan was standing in line for a cab, since nothing else was moving, thanks to the transit strike. Apparently the NY Times thought this was exciting news to share with the entire world, so photographers were dispatched to take lots of pictures of the cold and put out commuters waiting and waiting for cabs to come. After hearing my east coast friends complain about how terrible the cold weather is here in Chicago, it warmed the cockles of my heart to hear that the cabbies had the chutzpah to charge prices even New Yawkers couldn't believe.

You people gotta problem with entrepreneurship?

Among the many photos of the distress that this transit strike has caused was the one above on the front page of the Times, which features someone I know. He's the guy with the man purse. And the frozen hair. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He could be in Florida at golf school trying to make the pro tour, complaining about the heat. He could be in California doing anything people in California do and complaining about the earthquakes, mudslides, and fires. He could be in grad school, still enjoying the perks of eating cold pizza and complaining about how much he has to study. But no, he decided to be gainfully employed in the Big Apple, commuting three hours a day most days. Except today, of course, which took a little bit longer. It's New York. He's still waiting for a cab.

Maybe you shouldn't have complained about how cold and windy Chicago is, whiner boy. How you could never live here. Ever. Maybe we decided to get even with you. It could happen. 

By the way, nice purse. That IS a purse. That is NOT a briefcase, no matter what the sales girl with the big hooters told you when you bought it.


ksquester said...

Is this also the smarty-pants boy that you took a picture of driving a car that you were a passenger in and you asked what kind of a car should he be driving?  Just wondering?   (Baby, It's Cold Outside!)   Anne

jevanslink said...

He's driving his grandfather's old Lincoln. When he's not tring to catch a cab.  Mrs. L

ksquester said...

Pity! ;-)   Anne

shaz19743 said...

Looks like the 3am taxi queue in Sauchiehall street on a saturday night ......sometimes ive still been in it on monday morning x

screaminremo303 said...

That's what happens when a boy who wears pink goes to the big city.

Are they making a sequel to Midnight Cowboy???

psychfun said...

Careful...Chicago Transit might get some big ideas after NY! Ugh!

artloner said...


Man purse...is he an ex boy-toy?  He looks young enough.  heeeeeee