Sunday, October 8, 2006

Lazy Entry

Patricks' Saturday Six.  See Other Journals to click on a link to his blog.

1. You move to a new city: what is the first thing you're most likely to check out in your immediate surroundings: restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls, movie theaters or historic sites? 

The healthclubs. Because I'm into health, yeah, that's it.

2. Consider the local television stations in your area: do you generally stay more with one station for entertainment and local news, or do you tend to rely on one station for local news and others for entertainment?

You must not have a remote. I'm a ho. As soon as a commercial comes on I change channels.  One of the perks of living alone.

3. Is there a set time of day or night that you blog, or do you just post whenever the spirit moves you?

I don't keep track of my movements.

4. How often do you write a blog entry, then save it as a "draft" rather than publishing it immediately to think it over before actually posting it?

Haa.  Never. That's what the delete button is

5. Which makes a better dessert after a good meal: ice cream, pie, or cake?

I can't pack away the dessert as well as I used to after a good meal.  So I usually let ice cream, pie, or cake be my meal. Saves time.

6. What is your favorite flavor of the item you selected in question #5?

Favorite ice cream -- Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  Favorite pie -- pecan or cherry.  Favorite cake?  Cake is like sex -- it's all good; some are just better than others.


psychfun said...

Hey...what about a BEARS entry...ya I have to do mine yet! Weren't they awesome today!

suzypwr said...

Yeah, I like cake too.


lanurseprn said...

Too funny!  Thanks for the laugh!